Impact Assessment

We help social enterprises to increase their social impact by prioritising and re-channelling resources, and to develop effective social impact tracking measures.

For a foundation that manages social impact projects, we developed a framework to choose the projects that maximise the client’s social impact based on its mission statement. 


We help clients to achieve their business vision and aspirations or to tackle complex strategic challenges by developing customised and clear business strategies.

For a social enterprise in the health care system, we developed a strategy to extent its product portfolio and subsequently introduce the chosen product to the market.


We help clients to re-evaluate and re-design their business processes to realise competitive advantages and output potential.

We helped a service provider in the medical industry to digitalise its service offering and to increase the respective reach from a local to global scale.

Business Plan Development

We help social entrepreneurs or established companies in the development of a thorough business plan to realise their vision and create a new company or a spin-off.

We supported a research hospital in developing a business plan to create a medical device spin-off based on a data-driven product invention.


We help clients to re-evaluate the effect of their business activities on its bottom-line and provide subsequent strategic recommendations.

We helped an institute in the education sector to identify and organise the revenue and cost streams of their programs and defined means to increase the respective profitability.

Marketing & Sales

We help clients to develop their marketing and sales capabilities in today’s omni-channel environment.

For a company in the 3D food printing industry, we developed a strategy to increase sales in an under-realised market in pilot template format to support further rollouts.


We help social enterprises to increase the monetary funds received from government, corporations, and individuals.

We helped a research foundation to diversify their funding sources and developed a strategy to increase funding received from SMEs.

Project Roadmap

Preliminary meeting
After the initial contact a 180 DC Barcelona board member meets a representative of your company for an introductory conversation. In this meeting, we discuss the current challenges and opportunities your organisation faces and assess how an engagement with 180 DC can add value to your enterprise. If the value added potential exceeds our service costs, an agreement about project administration, scope and duration is drafted.

Composition of the team
After establishing the project details are established and the agreement is signed, the project team is formed. This team is carefully selected to ensure the expertise required to meet the needs of the individual project.

Project kick-off meeting 
During the project kick-off meeting, you meet the assigned team for the first time. Besides installing ground rules, the team can get to know more about your organisation and its mission. It is the perfect moment to share expectations and exchange the information required to set up the project plan.

Project execution
During the project execution, our team of consultants works closely together with you. We emphasize the importance of consistent communication between both parties and incremental deliverables to ensure continuous alignment with your needs. Our project execution philosophy is based on agile project management methodologies. We thereby establish the project flexibility required to generate superior results.

Final deliverable presentation
As a final step of the project, the team presents the final deliverable your enterprise’s representatives. At 180 DC Barcelona, we realise that a single project oftentimes is not enough to formulise and implement the activities required to effectively tackle the complex challenges you face. Hence, this meeting further focuses on going-forward, following our aspiration to become your partner of growth.

Comprehensive project experience

In the past 4 years, we as 180 DC Barcelona have successfully completed more than 35 consulting projects in the fields of environment, health, education and social affairs.

Interdisciplinary teams

We always try to think out of the box when it comes to complex issues as we do not believe that modern business problems are simple. Thus, we recruit consultants from a variety of backgrounds with different fields of expertise to ensure multiple perspectives and give new dimensions to projects.

Professional support

The project teams are supported in their work by experienced consulting directors from 180DC and mentors from the professional consulting firms, start-ups, and a multitude of players in the industry.

Strong network

We maintain close relationships with universities, management consultancies and organisations in the public interest and offer a platform for valuable exchange.

Long-lasting relationships

Our partners become members of our extensive network, which gives access to similar companies, free advisory from experienced professionals, and the ability to work again with 180DC.

No heavy price tags

Our goal is excellence but without the heavy price tag that usually comes with consulting services. As a non-profit organisation, our main intention is to help companies that work hard to establish a better future.


As part of the worldwide biggest student-led consultancy for non-profits and social ventures, we envision to lead the shift towards a sustainable and just future. For us, consulting entails much more than merely taking a corporate approach. We believe it requires incorporating our society’s welfare - like sprouts growing through concrete.

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