Board of 2020/2021 

Jan-Niklas Franke


Jan-Niklas applies his extensive international experience in the Asset Management business of a globally leading bank to steer the branch in a strategically, tactically, and operationally sound path. He focuses on establishing the branch as the go-to point for the social enterprise network in town while further perfecting the branch’s consulting services. :  

Laure Mot


Laure combines her knowledge and experience from her bachelor’s degrees in Innovation Management and Business Economics to provide a unique perspective to the branch, bringing together the analytical and the creative. Laure is committed to helping our clients make the greatest possible positive impact on society and business by creating sustainable value.

Viktoria Warkentin

Strategy Director

Viktoria combines her professional work experience in a globally leading financial institution with a strong passion for environmental and social challenges in order to focus on the strategic development of the branch. Being used to dive deep into moral questions from her Philosophy degree, she champions a long-term vision of translating values of the common good into entrepreneurial activities.

Janane Nagasivakumaran

Consultant Director

Janane is a bicultural individual who is both a leader and a keen follower. She has completed internships in both the CPG and pharmaceutical industries and has provided advisory services in strategy, marketing, and healthcare. Her expertise is in consumer behaviour and international business, and she has experience working in cross-cultural global virtual teams.  She prides herself in being a lifelong learner with robust intellectual curiosity and likes to challenge the status quo.

Lukas Jochem

Consultant Director

After contributing to the organization as a Team Lead in the past year, Lukas leverages his deep understanding of 180DC and the Barcelona ecosystem in combination with his professional experience in management consulting to ensure the success of the client projects and drive the branch forwards.  

Kristina Mohme

Community Director

Kristina focuses on advancing the community within and around 180DC to foster the growth and development of the organization and its team members. With a passion for sustainability and social entrepreneurship, she is committed to driving change and creating a positive, long-lasting impact. 

Deepika Aiyer

Marketing Director

Deepika leverages her past communications experience with Non-Profit Organisations to build a diverse, engaged and accountability pegging online community for the 180 collective. She harnesses the power of data to develop multi-channel communications, execute the branch's rebranding and content strategies and build a strong brand identity for 180DC Barcelona.  

Driss Bernoussi

Head of Innovation Factory

With professional experiences in the technology and education sectors, Driss is passionate about creating innovate solutions that empower people to improve their communities. Now, he is focused on facilitating social innovation in Barcelona: bridging together people, knowledge, and resources to create social impact synergies for Spain.

Thomas Cottiaux

Head of Innovation Factory

With a scientific and entrepreneurial background, Thomas' devotion to a project is strongly linked to the ability of learning and growing throughout its process. At the Innovation Factory, he is facilitating social innovation in Barcelona by analysing and fostering inspiration through communication and trust. He ensures continuous growth by recognising and maximising the output of every creative flow momentum.  

Ankit Abhinav


Ankit leverages his extensive professional experience in a leading management consulting firm to provide strategic input, providing comprehensive answers to every client's business questions. His tenure also focuses on optimizing the workflow of consultants, thereby improving their efficiency.

Aidan Woodward

Consulting Director

Aidan actively coordinates and supervises multiple projects in our NGO and social start-up space while supporting our internal organisational processes. Aidan has experience in Business Development and Client Management from two multinational tech companies (IBM & Salesforce) and has gained exposure to Consulting through his most recent internship with Curve Analytics, an FMCG consulting start-up.

Board of 2019/2020 

Marius Kalmbach


Marius leverages his professional working experience in a globally leading management consultancy to provide strategic and operational guidance to the organisation and its consultants. His tenure focuses on continuously advancing the service provided to clients, while simultaneously growing and maturing the branch. :  

Nikita Bandarevich

Creative Director

Nikita is an inspirer and provocateur who explores and crafts visions of a bright future at the crossroads of culture, technology and business. He is passionate about sustainable business and brings a diverse perspective to 180’s strategic decisions. Now, he’s pushing the visual language of sustainability, making it as inspirational and seductive as it deserves to be.

Felix Ziegler

Strategy Director

As the latest addition, Felix complements the board with an external, non-operational perspective and his diverse professional experience in strategic project management. His focus lies on the strategic development of the branch as well as on the effective transition to the next generation of 180DC Barcelona.

Sana Shajarisales

Consulting Director

Sana guides the project teams in their fulfillment of organizational and project-level tasks, advocating high quality of work through constructive feedback, and ensuring great client relationships. Furthermore, she is committed to extend 180 DC Barcelona's growth through gaining strategic and long-term partners and establishing a renown local brand.

Kaline Chamseddine

Consulting Director

Kaline leverages her creative background as well as her passion for consulting to bring in a differential value to projects, clients and team interactions. She has also taken up enhancing the organization's presence on social networks to strengthen engagement and reach.  

Constantinos Christodoulides

Consulting Director

Constantinos stands next to the projects ensuring the clients' goals are achieved, and consultants operate in a practical matter that produces the maximum results. Through previous experiences in project development contributes to the expansion of the organisation for the upcoming years.

Nicolas Welis

Consulting Director

Nicolas takes the responsibility to guide project teams in obtaining superior results using his interest in people management and experience in a leading global consulting firm. Besides, he is eager to improve the operational foundation the organisation is built up on, to facilitate scaling in future years.

Our Consultants 

In 180 Degrees Consulting Barcelona, we work with almost 50 carefully selected and professionally trained volunteer consultants, who work tirelessly so that organizations can achieve its full potential and help social enterprises to burst their boundaries. Our members come from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds, which allows us to address projects from different and more holistic perspectives. Every individual of the 180 DC Barcelona family is an incredibly talented, very creative, high-achieving, and carefully selected university student that. In spite of their differences everyone has one thing in common: the commitment to making a difference in the world.


As part of the worldwide biggest student-led consultancy for non-profits and social ventures, we envision to lead the shift towards a sustainable and just future. For us, consulting entails much more than merely taking a corporate approach. We believe it requires incorporating our society’s welfare - like sprouts growing through concrete.

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