Acting Collectively

Shatter traditional boundaries. We create and foster symbiosis among our members, clients, alumni and partners to maximise the impact of our agile eco-system. Being part of the collective does not stop after your engagement – once 180, always 180.

Celebrating Diversity

Achieve creativity through individuality. We drive business metamorphosis through the deep collaboration and cross-pollination of diverse and inclusive groups of authentic individuals who actively reject any form of discrimination.

Thinking Sustainably

Make decisions that last longer than you. We are committed to our client’s visions in heart and mind, and do not only work on a project but become our clients’ partner of growth.

Growing Relentlessly

Transform yourself and your environment. We co-create a fertile soil for personal development, enabling ourselves and others to become impactful leaders and change agents for our clients, the community, and life.

Embracing Ownership

Take responsibility for what you do. We are empowered to take initiative and deal with the unceasing challenges of business ecosystems, taking personal accountability for our actions and outputs.


Why we exist

There are 10 million non-profits around the world that work to feed, heal and support the disempowered and disenfranchised. Yet, less than 1% of the non-profit sector has access to high-quality strategic advice. This is where 180 DC Barcelona steps in. 


Our Vision 

Lead the shift towards a sustainable and just future. The love for our planet and social justice continuously inspires us to drive change by becoming the partner of growth for our stakeholders. We hereby form metamorphic and long-lasting relationships creating an organic collective that shapes society as a whole.


Our Mission

Provide high-quality advisory services to socially-oriented enterprises and nurture the next generation of social impact leaders.

Our History

180 Degrees Consulting was founded by Nat Ware in 2007. Nat had previously undertaken charitable work in Mozambique, and it was this work that made him realize that “in the game of social impact, method trumps money.” He realized that the effectiveness of funds spend is critical, yet most non-profit organizations and social enterprises lack access to affordable, high-quality consulting services. At the same time, Nat realized there are many talented students who want to make a meaningful difference. Connecting the two, the idea for 180 Degrees Consulting was born.

Since then, 180 Degrees Consulting has expanded rapidly and is now the world’s largest consultancy for non-profits and social enterprises, with over 100 branches spread across 35 countries and over 6000 consultants working on projects at any time.

Global Statistics

Provided over $100M worth of consulting services to social enterprises

These services are provided to organisations that would not be able to afford the high consulting fees charged by traditional consulting companies.

Helped more than 2000 socially-conscious organizations

We help these organizations to overcome the challenges they face and to operate as effectively as possible. 96.8% of the organizations we work with say that they would work with us again and would recommend 180 Degrees Consulting to other organizations.

Provided >2.6 million hours worth of consulting service

To put this in perspective, this is equivalent to a person working full time for 1354 years.

Trained more than 12,000 future social impact leaders 

Large numbers of our alumni continue their strong support for nonprofits and social enterprises, and have changed their career paths towards working in the social sector. In this way, 180 Degrees Barcelona trains the next generation of future leaders.

Social Impact Measurement

Leadership Development
Every social impact leader (that is, consultant) in our program provides comprehensive feedback. This feedback is used to measure:

  • Whether participants changed career plans to be more socially focused
  • Whether the charitable contributions of participants changed in quantity and/or composition
  • Whether participants have a greater understanding of the challenges facing non-profits and social enterprises
  • Whether participants are more confident in their leadership ability and better prepared to take on leadership roles focussed on achieving social outcomes
  • Whether participants would recommend 180 Degrees Consulting to others

Improving the Effectiveness of Non-Profits
We use an approach we call “social impact triangulation” that involves weighting the results of three different measurement approaches. This gives a lower-bound, upper-bound, and a best-estimate impact. These three approaches are as follows:

  • Measuring Actual Outcomes (weighted the most): We calculate improvements to the social outcomes of our clients, for a sample of our clients. This is done by monitoring achievements in regard to the respective project KPIs at 6 and 18 months.
  • Measuring the Value of Outputs: After each project, we ask clients “Given what you now know, what is the maximum amount you would have hypothetically forgone in donations to have received the consulting service?”
  • Measuring the Value of Inputs (weighted the least): We calculate the labor hours of consulting provided, and give a monetary value based on equivalent work at other consulting firms.

Using this method, we have provided at least $100 million worth of value to non-profits and social enterprises to date.

Another way we keep track of our impact is by asking every client whether they would recommend 180 Degrees to other organizations. 96.8% of clients said they would!


As part of the worldwide biggest student-led consultancy for non-profits and social ventures, we envision to lead the shift towards a sustainable and just future. For us, consulting entails much more than merely taking a corporate approach. We believe it requires incorporating our society’s welfare - like sprouts growing through concrete.

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